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Adopt-A-Safta pairs young Internationals and Israelis with lonely Holocaust Survivors. 


Approximately 150,000 Holocaust Survivors currently live in Israel with a myriad of economic and well-being issues, yet their number one complaint is simply loneliness. The project connects these two communities when a young volunteer ‘adopts’ an Israeli grandmother or grandfather.  This initiative helps both of these populations overcome loneliness and isolation; young professionals seeking to make meaningful contributions, many of whom are lonely in Israel without family of their own, and the Survivors in need of warmth and connection, while we still are blessed with the presence of this holy generation.

Beyond our primary mandate to take care of Israel’s lonely Survivor population, Adopt-A-Safta does special programming throughout the year, including producing Israel’s largest Yom HaShoah ceremony in-English. Recently, we partnered with the Israeli Air Force to bring Survivors to visit Air Forces bases throughout the country. We were also honored to take part in an historic trip which brought the majority of the Knesset to visit Auschwitz on International Holocaust Memorial Day.


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