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The Jewish Life Series: Judaism with wonder and passion. The Jewish Life Series is a high-end stylish rebranding of Judaism that explores Jewish wisdom and practice.  We produce websites, books and Jewish educational media of outstanding beauty and design excellence. We are an passionate team who believes there is wonder in Jewish wisdom and living and we are devoted to making that wonder accessible to everyone, everywhere.

The Jewish Life Series hopes to inspire worldwide Jewish culture so that Jewish living and wisdom can be perceived universally as a beautiful gift, as it also becomes part of the fabric of everyday life.



Judaism is not a meaningful force for most Jews and there is a widespread lack of basic Jewish literacy in the overwhelming majority of the Jewish People.

The Jewish Life Series started with a simple thought:

Given the current sophistication of the media as it is today, and the multiple channels of communication within the media – internet, print, tv, etc… there is no reason why the power of the media can’t be utilized as a tool to spread Jewish tradition and wisdom to the millions of unaffiliated Jews, untouched, or unaware of the power and beauty of their heritage.

There is a call being issued universally by Jewish community leaders; “Something must be done, and quickly”. For all the millions of dollars poured into the Jewish community every year, there are still millions of Jews unconnected to Judaism. Traditional brick and mortar Jewish institutions are essential and always will be, but the only way to reach the Jewish community at large – the untold millions – is through the mass media.

From all corners of Jewish activism, from federations to philanthropists, there is a movement to create some kind of Jewish renaissance, yet we are still falling short. Major funds are spent towards projects that may have some kind of cultural interest but fall short of having the impact sought. For any significant Jewish revival to take place there is one component that must be present. This component is Jewish education- the Torah, the life of our People.

Please enjoy the complementary PDF’s of some our beta publications.


PDF of Mezuzah Book
Preview of Tefillin Guide
PDF Shabbat Candle Guide

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