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Encouraging civic engagement, “Glocal” activism, and strengthening Israeli democracy,


ProjecT.A. promotes empowered and informed citizenship. Together with the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, ProjecT.A. provides young Tel Aviv internationals with the knowledge and resources to be mobilized and personally involved in improving the great city they call “home”. Many western Olim come from countries with a rich tradition of civic participation, and they understand that engagement on the local-level is a prerequisite to a healthy, cohesive, and vibrant society.

ProjecT.A. helps to provide answers to questions such as; Are you interested in resolving the problems you see around your neighborhood? Would you like to play an active role in bettering the infrastructure and community of Tel Aviv? Are you curious about the politics of getting things done in Tel Aviv?


Current & Past Projects Include:

• Tel Aviv’s first ever Olim-focused voter drive and Rock-The-Vote election night event, a celebration of Israeli democracy in action.
• Education Series on the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and municipal policy issues.
• Hatzalah, training young Olim in Tel Aviv as first-response emergency medics.
• Israel National Police, training young Olim in Tel Aviv as active-duty volunteer police forces.
• Tel Aviv Global Ambassadors Project, year-long educational fellowship training young Olim to promote Tel Aviv globally through social media.


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