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I'm That Jew began as an original six-minute video titled #IMTHATJEW, which has been seen over 12 million times on social media. The video pays homage to different types of Jews across political leanings, professions, aspirations, nationalities, and personal preferences, showing the diversity that exists among the Jewish People. Visually, it includes a long list of Jewish politicians, actors, artists, musicians, officials, celebrities, doctors, novelists, and scientists, from Amy Winehouse, Jeremy Piven and Sergey Brin, to Steven Spielberg, Golda Meir, and Michael Bloomberg.

With Anti-Semitism ever present and on the rise, this message of Jewish pride is exceptionally relevant today. Amid the volume of violence directed at Jews, such as hatred, missiles, rockets, and knives, the purpose of the film was to show the pride the Jewish People have for their heritage and accomplishments. I'm That Jew encourages us all to speak up and keep our heads high during hard times.

Today, I'm That Jew has grown to become a multifaceted and multimedia project including a TedX Talk, website and installation at the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. I'm That Jew was created by Creative Director Eitan Chitayat of the Natie Branding Agency, and originally based on an article he penned.



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