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Through our patronage, we currently serve tens of thousands of young professionals, both Internationals and Israelis, living around the globe, with an extra focus on Tel Aviv.  We act as an incubator that funds and supports social entrepreneurial activities that promotes Jewish identity, values, tradition, Zionism, substantive engagement in the Land of Israel, and volunteerism on behalf of the Jewish People. We certainly care about the Jewish People as a whole, but we do not worry about the Nation. God made a promise to Avraham that our family will be eternal and thus Jewish continuity is not in question. Our focus is on each individual young Jew around the world, and whether they will be a part of the story and vitality of Am Yisrael moving forward. We want young Jews not merely caring about Jewish life, we want them living it. We want to embolden a new generation to be Observant Zionists, not just Zionist sympathizers. Many of the projects we currently sponsor are focused on building and strengthening the international young adult community in Tel Aviv to promote the city as the premiere living choice for young Jews from around the world. We happen to think that Tel Aviv as an idea and as a place of action is amongst the most exciting things happening in the Jewish world today.

Our philanthropic ethos believes that creativity, chutzpah, energy, and hard work will always be more important than money. One does not have to be a billionaire to do amazing things to take care of our family; we take enormous pride in this historic purpose. We honor and are strengthened by the Jewish trait of being in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction with the status quo.

We are very particular when choosing initiatives to support; they simply must be awesome. Our goal is to fund a wide array of innovation that fills vacuums and has the potential to impact the Jewish People on a macro scale. Our giving is focused on volunteer-based organizations that can yield tremendous returns on investment, encourage community wide participation, and create platforms for young leadership. We hope every young Jew living around the globe substantively connects to Eretz Yisrael and steps up to become the vanguard of Am Yisrael, stemming the current tide of mass intermarriage and assimilation worldwide. We look for initiatives that take the classical pillars of Jewish identity and reveal them as excitingly relevant for a new generation so every young Jew says “I am Am Yisrael”. We look for real vision.

If you are interested in our support, please contact our Foundation offices to request a grant application.

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