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In the past decade, Tel Aviv has become the premiere destination for young Jews from around the globe to move to and call ‘home.’  TLV Internationals is the lighthouse that attracts and welcomes the newcomer. TLV Internationals coalesces these young professional voices into a unified community and platform for action for the benefit of Tel Aviv and greater Israel. TLV Internationals serves as an advocate for this community’s needs with the local and national government.  With a following of over 90,000 young men and women from a multitude of nations, backgrounds, religious practices, and professional fields, TLV Internationals has built the largest international community in Israel.





Election Guides

TLV Internationals Olim Elections Guide

TLV Internationals Francophones Guide des Olim pour les Élections

TLV Internationals Italiani Guida per gli Olim alle Elezioni

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