Tel Aviv serves as the key city in connecting global Jews to the Land of Israel; it is the city where most international young professionals and students spend their time while in Israel. Tel Aviv offers both the career and urban cultural infrastructure that young international professionals seek when they first move to Israel.

Much like in our Jewish diaspora, we know that vibrant community life is the cornerstone for welcoming new Olim, facilitating successful integration and contributing to the betterment of Israeli society.

Community relations provide a feeling of belonging, support and integration for Israel’s new Olim. English-language Jewish life is almost non-existent in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv’s international English-speaking community is the largest Jewish community that has no spiritual leadership. We are looking to change that.

Tribe Tel Aviv’s mission is to take the next step forward and cultivate the existing and diverse community of English-speakers into a more cohesive community centered around Jewish life, because after all, Judaism is a team sport.

There is a vacuum for Jewish connection, education, spiritual growth, and vibrant communal life. In order to fulfill this critical need, it is essential to bring a talented Jewish educator to lead and strengthen our community. We are seeking an educator that will lead spiritually fulfilling, intellectually satisfying, and help unite our culturally diverse population. ​