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Tribe Tel Aviv’s mission is to create a welcoming community for young Tel Avivis to engage in learning more about Israel, Zionism and Judaism. It is an English language environment open to people of all backgrounds, men and women, Olim, Sabras, and International residents creating a warm, friendly community of like-minded peers.  Young people come together in Tel Aviv, through happy hour talks, Jewish learning, Shabbat and Holidays programming. We engage the young adult Tel Aviv community to participate in inspiring experiences and thought provoking lectures, which include meaningful social and cultural activities, civic engagement, volunteering and more. We believe Jewish tradition and wisdom can inform and enrich our fast-paced lives. We wish to enhance our role in contributing to Tel Aviv’s Jewish character and to the building of Israel as a Jewish state.  Be part of the flourishing of Jewish life in Tel Aviv and a revitalization of the Zionist dream.


Because after-all, Jewish life in Tel Aviv is a team sport.


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