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Tel Aviv Arts Council is a community of young patrons of the arts celebrating Israeli creative culture.  The Arts Council has two missions: it gives young professionals access to the best of Israeli art and culture and brings the best of Israeli art and culture to the world. The Arts Council partners with the full variety of arts organizations in Israel – from established institutions to emerging artists and art-forms.

In addition, the Arts Council hosts a variety of genre specific series including, the Israeli Cinema Series, Gallery Series, & Art Tour Series.

In 2014 the Arts Council launched in partnership with Outset Israel the Young International Artist Award. Each year, the organizations will join together to support, highlight, and honor a young Israeli based artist who was not born in Israel –  exploring the role of various cultures and perspectives in creating an authentic Israeli creative voice.

The award celebrates and supports the artist’s potential for substantive international success in his/her future artistic career. Many of Israel’s most promising artists have the necessary talent but lack the resources to move their careers to the next level- especially on the international art stage.  The Young International Artist Award includes a grant towards original work in a public/nonprofit showing; local and international PR and marketing assistance; and exposure in the young international arts community in Israel.




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