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ZionIZE - Israel. Zionism. Education. Join The Movement & Lech Lecha!

Zionize is the world's largest young Jewish leadership and advocacy organization for Birthright/Taglit, MASA, and Gap-Year students, both current & alumni. We host tens of thousands of young Jews each year for in-person talks, lectures, debates and training sessions focused on pro-active Zionism. We give each Jewish young adult the tools needed to be staunch advocates for Israel on-campus and beyond, moving the needle of Am Yisrael onwards & upwards. With headquarters in Tel Aviv, we are passionate about empowering the next generation of pro-Israel global students, ensuring their voices are loud, proud, and never alone.

Beyond our regular educational activities for the Taglit/MASA/Student community, we run Tel Aviv's only Zionist Beit Midrash, focused on intensive study for those young Jews dedicated to being on the cutting edge of Israel advocacy and Jewish Peoplehood.


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