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Am Yisrael Foundation

The Am Yisrael Foundation champions the young leader as pioneer- advancing Observant Zionism as a fundamental force for the development of the Jewish People and Land of Israel.

The Am Yisrael Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that launches, supports and funds initiatives that empower modern pioneering amongst Jewish young adults. Observant Zionism is made manifest in everything we do to move onwards and upwards as a People. We focus on activities which promote Jewish tradition, civic engagement, volunteerism, and vibrant communities- positively building up our Nation by connecting to our ancestral Homeland, with a special focus on Tel Aviv.

We operate differently than traditional Jewish organizations, and we certainly think differently. Our philanthropy is about taking on the biggest challenges facing the Jewish People today, with even bigger ideas, and doing so with minimal investment.

We seek to be a vessel for the vanguard of new pioneers; a proponent throughout the entirety of the Jewish People for a stronger Jewish and Zionist identity- connecting Am Yisrael with Eretz Yisrael for its spiritual and physical development.

We do not believe that the time for real vision and pioneering on behalf of Am Yisrael ended with Ben-Gurion and Begin – it continues today in this new powerful generation.

The Am Yisrael Foundation believes that by connecting to our shared Jewish traditions, we can understand how to move onwards and upwards as a People. We have suffered too many generations devoid of connection to a tangible pride in being a Jew. Our lives need to be injected with the notion that Judaism is rich with beauty, truth and power. We need to have a love, curiosity and fascination with our most basic of spiritual and practical gifts. Jews of all affiliations need to consider Jewish identity to be more than just their heritage. Judaism must be engaging and relevant to our daily lives. Being an active contributing part of the Jewish global community must be more than an historical responsibility, it must be seen as an honor, as a noble privilege.

We need real vision.


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